Three Week Course

I have been teaching this course for 25 years, in many varied settings including Oxford University, Said Business School, Refugee Resource, Helen and Douglas House, actors' groups, mothers' groups, clients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and countless individuals.

I teach a meditation method that derives from traditional practices dating back for centuries. It is adapted to the needs of modern-day life and can be practiced in your own home.

The course lasts for 3 weeks, with one session a week, and each session takes 60 minutes. I introduce the practice to you in the first session and then in subsequent sessions we meditate together and I help you to develop the skills and insight that will enable your practice to become second nature to you.

I teach in my studio, in North Oxford, and also in workplace settings. I teach both individuals and groups of up to 10. My fee is £40 if it's a private session, £20 a person for groups.

After the four week course is completed, I offer one-off 60-minute sessions tailored to your needs to facilitate you in keeping up a regular meditation practice.