Find Inner Tranquility

Inside all of us, deep below the conscious mind, we are all part of what physicists call the 'Unified Field of Consciousness'. The qualities of this Field, or source, are stillness, clarity, wisdom, joy and love. Most of us however, are unaware of this level of awareness within because it is covered over with veils of habitual behaviour patterns focussed on the external world of activities.

For thousands of years, wisdom traditions from the East and West have used meditation to help people connect to that place inside. One of the most powerful meditation tools is the use of sacred sound: sound is vibration, and it can be used to take our awareness down beneath the turmoil of thoughts and emotions, and tune our conscious mind to source.

I teach a sound that is repeated over and over in the mind; it is effortless and as simple as breathing. You will have a direct experience of a state of consciousness that is common to us all. With practice, you will actually start to see the benefits for yourself: physically you will feel healthier; emotionally you will feel more content; mentally you will be more focussed and spiritually you will feel connected to the source of peace, love and joy.